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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, our aim is to make a poorly maintainable vehicle operational again! We take great care in our customers vehicles and we provide and friendly and quick service. Our prices and resonable and we get the job done quickly!

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In the garage trade – including here at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic – we often hear the phrase “it was alright until you had it.” I have a firm belief that everyone needs someone to blame and it is usually the garage! In this instance, we had serviced the vehicle and, as part of the service,

Over the years I have noticed that people’s expectations of their vehicles is sometimes a little over-optimistic. These pictures are of an old Mercedes van which would not start, but for some time had been making strange “chuffing” noises from the engine and seemed to be using more fuel than normal. The van had to

Not many small independent garages have the latest wheel alignment tools but at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we always do our best to keep up with technology and therefore meet the needs of our customers and their vehicles. I have heard all the old excuses from other garage owners – you can track a car with