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October Special offer... 

Get ready for the cold weather with a free Winter Health Check, where we will test your breaks, tyres heating & more to make sure your vehicle is safe in all conditions.

Strictly Worcestershire- A great cause

Sue and I made the decision to volunteer for the strictly Worcestershire event being held at the Chateau Impney Hotel on the 21st May 2015. This means we will be dancing on stage in front of over 700 people. It also means we will have to do all we can to promote the event and raise funds!

Yes I know it is next year! Worcester's Mobile Mechanic Ltd, have chosen to support the breast cancer charity alongside the Gambia charity work we do. 

Why? you may ask, well cancer is everywhere, and as you all know, I have been diagnosed with cancer in the neck, and at the time of writing this, I am still being investigated as to where it has come from. I volunteered, before I knew that I had cancer. I have spoken with the organiser and he is fully aware of the situation. 

I was once told, "do not be afraid of doing a little thing, as you feel it has no importance,you do not know what effect your little giving has done for the person you did it for". 

Visit the Strictly Worcestershire Website and show your support, and next time you're in the garage, buy a raffle ticket to support these amazing charities even further!

Keeeeep Dancing!!

Tip of the Month

The age of Tyres...

When it comes to determining the age of a tyre, it is easy to identify when a tyre was manufactured by reading its Tyre Identification Number (often referred to as the tyre’s serial number). Unlike vehicle identification numbers (VINs) and the serial numbers used on many other consumer goods (which identify one specific item), Tyre Identification Numbers are really batch codes that identify the week and year the tyre was produced.


It is likely that your car tyres will wear out through usage before they do from age, but for vehicles that are used less often, such as caravans, consider replacing them before they reach their 5th birthday.



What increases tyre wear?

  • Driving style – aggressive cornering and braking increases wear
  • Position – front tyres wear faster because of movement through steering and tyres on driven wheels will wear more quickly
  • Speed – high speed driving increases temperature and wear
  • Load – excess load increases wear
  • Pressure – under inflation (through increased flexing and temperature) and over inflation (through reduced contact area) can both increase wear
  • Alignment – tyres will wear quickly and unevenly if wheel alignment is wrong of if there is excessive wear in suspension components like shock absorbers

Our mission statement: 

Our mission is to be the best independent garage in Worcestershire, offering servicing, maintenance and LPG conversions of the highest standards. With our combined experience of over 30 years, professional training and extensive range of tools and equipment, Worcester's Mobile Mechanic Ltd. can provide a professional service for affordable prices. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first, and offering honest advice for every vehicle, which we believe sets us apart from other garages. Please read our Garage in Action stories to see what we can do.