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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, our aim is to make a poorly maintainable vehicle operational again! We take great care in our customers vehicles and we provide and friendly and quick service. Our prices and resonable and we get the job done quickly!

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What’s that noise?

Some of our customers are extremely lucky. This customer called saying her car was making a strange noise on the driver’s side. She had turned the engine off and called us for advice so I suggested we recover the vehicle with our trusty LDV and investigate further. This customer took our advice and our recovery

Pull the other one

I often say that Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic have more tools than most garages! When working on an old 4.0l XK8, the crank-shaft pulley needed to come off, and apparently an approved way is to “angle-grind” the pulley off, and make the customer purchase a new one! Here at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we have the correct

Stitch in time saves nine

The MoT test is “the minimum standard at time of test” and this is an excellent example of how it works. This vehicle was in for its routine service and MoT. The MoT lists this as rear discs advisory – it is clear that they are in poor condition though the rear brakes are working.