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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, our aim is to make a poorly maintainable vehicle operational again! We take great care in our customers vehicles and we provide and friendly and quick service. Our prices and resonable and we get the job done quickly!

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Every now and then, mainly before bank holiday weekends, I insist on having the garage smartened and thoroughly cleaned up. I always advise customers to check on the state of the garage your car is going to. If it is a “tip”, it probably means the garage and its staff have no pride in their

I travel to The Gambia once a year on charity work and every visit brings new experiences. This time around we were lucky enough to witness schoolchildren happily preparing a meal. They had managed to catch a bush rat which apparently is quite tasty. The youngsters, who were aged between five and seven, busily skinned

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic see this problem on a regular basis and by all accounts it is becoming a common sight in many other garages across the UK. However, it could easily have been avoided. The springs were picked up as rusty when the car was serviced some five weeks previously but the customer chose to