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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, our aim is to make a poorly maintainable vehicle operational again! We take great care in our customers vehicles and we provide and friendly and quick service. Our prices and resonable and we get the job done quickly!

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Directly sending one of the Gambian schools that Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic supports money as soon as it comes in to the garage gives us more regular contact. Mikail, the recently appointed teacher/administration worker, has proved a real asset. He pushed to have the school registered as a charity which means that the items we send are

This vehicle, a VW Beetle, started indicating that it had a coolant fault.   Luckily the customer stopped and called a breakdown company so the car ended up at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.   To trace this fault, we needed a coolant pressure tester and a digital thermometer. The problem was traced to a broken water

One of our customers, Dave Taylor, helps us with our work in The Gambia. On a recent visit to the country, he took time out to go to the Lend a Hand School and report on the progress made. Dave gave a favourable report, stating that the school is very proud of the new wall