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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, our aim is to make a poorly maintainable vehicle operational again! We take great care in our customers vehicles and we provide and friendly and quick service. Our prices and resonable and we get the job done quickly!

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Many garages plug in the diagnostic computer and then buy and fit the component that it has indicated as the fault.   At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we have a different approach. Our technicians plug the computer in and in this case it told us that a rear ABS was faulty.   Before renewing the sensor we checked

I never fail to be amazed at what garages do and say and sincerely hope that here at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we tell it as it is.   This vehicle, a Vauxhall Astra, had been to another garage in the city for a full service. A month or so later, the engine started making a noise

When a vehicle starts indicating that it has a problem, I would recommend asking a competent garage to look at the car as quickly as possible.   This vehicle’s problems began with the stop/start not working and the driver was alerted via the on board display. At this point the fault, which was the alternator not