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Tip of the Month

July 2014

I have now been giving out tips for a full 12 months, I have covered a wide range of topics, and hopefully somebody has benefited, or learnt something from this series of tips. I have even covered some subjects twice, as they are, or were especially important. On this note I am covering purchasing part worn tyres again. This is a subject that is neglected and virtually unregulated. According to my research these "part-worn" tyres are regulated, but from looking around Worcester, there is not one dealer in part worn tyres that I am aware of, that actually adheres to any of the laws governing this industry.

This extract is from trading Standards:

Most importantly, all types of part-worn tyre must be marked 'PART WORN', any repairs to tyres must comply with British Standards, and it is illegal to have unsafe tyres in possession for sale. In addition, all types of part-worn tyres must be marked 'PART-WORN' in upper case letters at least 4mm high.

From an article in Auto Express magazine they showed how the consumer was being "ripped off" with part worn tyres, by doing a price comparison old -v- new on tread depth.

One example: A tyre - 165/70 R14 Part worn cost 20.00, tread depth 3.8mm.

Set this against: 165/70 R14  New cost 30.60 tread depth 8mm.

This equates too, a price of 8.93 per MM to the legal limit for the part worn, compare this to the cost of 3.99 per mm to the legal limit for the new tyre . 
This subject was also covered briefly by the Worcester Evening News. My real question is - how do these companies avoid prosecution from trading standards, and why are they allowed to flaunt the laws of the UK?

Somebody please explain this to me.

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