16/08/2013: We rechecked all rear bearings

We rechecked all rear bearings

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16th August 2013

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic Ltd we work on many vehicles, but surprisingly we do not renew very many rear differentials!

This imported people carrier came in for a routine service, and on road test my technician noticed there was a strange noise from the rear. The technician had checked all bearings and brakes, and was a little anxious when he informed me it had failed the road test! We then rechecked all rear bearings, and I road tested it. The noise sounded like a wheel bearing, but these had all been checked!

At this point we spoke to the customer who thought the vehicle was getting noisy!

We checked the differential oil, and this was in a very poor condition. We changed the oil and retested. Still very noisy, so the customer was informed they needed a replacement differential. We sourced a “good used diff” and when it arrived took the old one off, and fitted the replacement.

From the picture the noisy one is clearly visible!

Once fitted, the vehicle was quiet once again.

Remember… a badly¬†maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!