30/04/2013: Let us investigate the fault

Let us investigate the fault

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30th April 2013

Sometimes garages are under a lot of pressure, sometimes due to customers wanting the fault, and the price virtually instantly! AtWorcester’s Mobile Mechanic, we always take time to talk to the customer, and this vehicle came in with steering issues. Sometimes it appeared that the power steering had stopped working. The customer was under the impression that it was probably the steering rack, and wanted an agreed price before he left the vehicle with us!

I explained we can quote for the steering rack change, and should he wish we can change the rack. But, he may still have the same problem. Surely it would be better to let us check the system and then report the fault and a quote to repair. If it is the rack, then the quote will be around the £500 mark.

The customer reluctantly agreed to let us investigate the fault. The fault turned out to be the steering universal joint, and whilst we charged an hours labour to find the fault, the resulting repair was a lot less than renewing a steering rack!

Even though the actual repair cost less than the customer thought, he was still a little perplexed as to how this small component can make the steering so heavy. He had many questions and in the end I had to go with him on a road test, before he was convinced that we had actually found and renewed the faulty component.

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!