We had not done the job properly – July 2014

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we like the summer, ¬†we are trained to repair air conditioning systems in vehicles. This recent hot weather, has bought a few vehicles in where the a/c was not working. Most were simple re-fill the system and problem solved. Some were leaking condenser’s or other faults, and a few down to poor servicing.

This customer bought the car in, and was adamant it was a re-fill only. We did the job, and asked for authority to spend a short while on the vehicle to ensure the best results for the customer.

Our suggestion was declined, and the customer duly collected the vehicle, and drove away. He was back within 48 hours aswe had not done the job properly.

I agreed to check the system over, and then called him, to explain he needed a pollen filter and time to fit. He was quite annoyed, that we were charging for a filter and time to fit, but when he calmed down he realised that we cannot give 40 minutes of labour away!

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen