Bearing stops car!

Bearing stops car but not as AA said – terminal seized

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Recently, I arrived at work early on a Monday morning and there was a camper van with the owner asleep inside.

He had only been driving along and then the engine stopped. When he operated the starter there was only a clunk – the breakdown company told him the engine had seized, thus he got low loaded to Worcester.

He removed some of his possessions and donated the milk to the garage coffee fund and took the train home. It was not until late afternoon that I finally got the chance to look at the van. Upon checking the engine I noticed the auxiliary belt was very badly burnt. I tried to crank and couldn’t and I was not convinced the engine had seized. I cut the belt off and noticed the tensioner was seized solid (the tensioner bearing to be precise.)

Amazingly, I could turn the engine and when I turned the key the engine started. I ordered a new bearing and an auxiliary belt, and called the customer to suggest he got the train back for Tuesday lunch. He was very pleased that his camper did not require an engine and that we were able to sort it so quickly.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!