Many tools make light work!

Many tools make light work!

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Exactly how many tools do you need to renew a ball joint? AtWorcester’s Mobile Mechanic we have all the tools that you would expect a professional garage to have, and some you have not even thought off. Coupled to this, we also have a vast range of experience and we are also prepared to “alter” an expensive tool so that we can get your car fixed! Then when we hit problems we are not too proudto take advice from specialists! In this instance I actually called a friend who works on these Range Rovers and he said, “I use the tool you sold me!”

Now what do you do?

Picture 1 – shows us trying to use heat to get the ball joint to move but this failed!
Picture 2 – shows me welding a large nut onto a tool we cut to make sure we could get in to apply full force.
Picture 3 – using the clamp and heat (and also “brute force”) we finally managed to get the ball joints out!
Picture 4 – the old ball joints
Picture 5 – the new ones in!

Inbetween all of this we also left it overnight soaking in WD40 – these sprays are not instant fixes and need time to penetrate.

When we had the old unit off it was clearly badly worn. Talking to the customer on the last two MOT tests it had been an advisory component and so he had left it! I suspect that if he had renewed them when they were advisory, the repair would have been a simple straight forward operation! Then he would also not needed two front tyres either, as they are badly worn on the inside edges! With the price of the tyres that are now prematurely worn, changing the ball joints two years ago may have saved him money.

Unfortunately people’s perception of the MOT is that, “if it has passed the vehicle is safe” and not, “the MINIMUM STANDARD at time of test”.

Fitting the new ball joints with our specialist tool was a simple matter. We tracked the vehicle but advised the customer to have it re-checked after 100 miles, when the suspension had settled.

Remember… a badly¬†maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!