Noisy bearing

Bearing noisy = brake problem!

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We recently had a vehicle in as it had a very noisy wheel bearing, it had also recently passed the MOT test. The customer was surprised that  the car needed a wheel bearing. I pointed out that the test is the minimum standard at the time of the test, and even though a car has passed, a mechanic may tell you that work is required.

In our opinion the wheel bearing should have failed the MOT test. It was extremely noisy, rough when rotated, and there was also a lot of side movement.

The wheel bearing replacement was a straight forward repair, as atWorcester’s Mobile Mechanic we have all the professional tools needed. The problem was when we removed the drum, we discovered the rear brake wheel cylinders were leaking. It was clear that in the last twelve months, new brake shoes had been fitted to the vehicle.

It is sometimes better to fit new brake cylinders when fitting shoes, as then the customer has a complete guarantee. In this instance the customer was lucky that the wheel bearing needed replacement. If left, and the cylinder leak got worse, brake fluid could contaminate the shoes, and at worse fail completely under hard braking with a potential complete loss of brakes.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!