Parents know best!

Parents always know best!

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Recently we had a young woman call the garage to book her car in as the “fan-belt” was noisy and getting worse, plus, her power steering was occasionally very stiff. I was told that her Dad had said, “it will just need adjusting.” I asked what make of vehicle she had and was told it was an old “V” reg Fiesta. I said that I thought it had an “automatic” tensioner, but we booked it in.

When the car arrived, a nice example of an old Fiesta, it had covered “voyager miles”. The problem was the auxiliary belt tensioner was extremely noisy and we suspected the bearing unit had failed. The young lady was very skeptical about the repair but left the car with us to allow us to get the parts and carry out the needed repair.

Due to the state of the tensioner, the job was not as straight forward as normal. When we did eventually get the tensioner off, it had completely collapsed, which hampered the removal.

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic when we quote for a job, unless there are major problems involving us losing many hours work, we will always honor the quote. In this case, we had quoted for an hour and a half labour, and the work took just over two. We upheld our quote.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!