22/06/2013: Famous last words

Famous last words

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22nd June 2013

Occasionally you get vehicles that appear to be fine, but they aren’t! This vehicle came in for an air-conditioning service. The system had stopped working as efficiently as it was, and would probably only need “topping up” – Famous last words!

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic I learnt along time ago to never assume something will work, as you always get caught out by the unexpected!

The car, a nice relatively young Mercedes, in very good all round condition allowed the machine to run through all the systems. It held a “vacuum”, but when we filled it, immediately we could hear escaping gas!

Immediate action dictated to set the machine to remove the R134a that was in the system, then find the leak! It was easy to find, and we had the pipe renewed, then successfully re-filled the system, and ice was restored in the car!

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!