6/05/2013: As it is fitted it may as well work

As it is fitted it may as well work

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16th May 2013

Incredibly a lot of garages are not R134A accredited. We, at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, are. This is an error you do not want to see when we are servicing your air condition system. This means that our machine has detected a leak on the system being checked.

Now the customer needs to make a hard choice – do they pay us to find the leak, and then repair the system; or as most people are in these difficult times, leave it and use the window to let air in? (Which ironically uses more fuel, than windows closed and air-con working!)

To carry out air conditioning work, you actually need more than just an “air-con” machine, you actually need U.V dye and a leak detector. Personally I think you also need a little bit of common sense, and also the training to do the job! This particular vehicle had a common fault – the condenser was leaking, not surprising really, as the vehicle was twelve years old! The condenser lives in front of the radiator and is attacked by insects as you drive along, also, the condenser ages as do we all.

We renewed the condenser, the filter-dryer and then checked for leaks, all done – air conditioning back to super cold. The customer was actually pleased with the price, and also his attitude was, as it is fitted it may as well work! Lets hope we have some warm weather so he can use the air – con!

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!