Core plug causes mayhem

Core plug causes mayhem

Old plug next to new one
The core plug prior to removal

Recently we had a customer with a coolant leak who did not believe in having the car serviced. The leak had been there for some considerable time and there was no antifreeze in the system at all. The leak was quickly discovered behind the flywheel.

We had no choice but to remove the gearbox and found the clutch was also in poor condition. Once the gearbox was removed you could clearly see the rusty water and the faulty core plug. Anti-freeze contains, among other things, a rust inhibitor. If the anti-freeze had been regularly renewed than this core plug would never have needed replacing. We simply extracted the core plug, renewed it and rebuilt the car.

An annual service would have, in the long run, been a cheaper alternative.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!