Core plug stops Fiesta

Core plug stops Fiesta!

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This problem could have been avoided. The antifreeze / coolant was way passed its best and was very rusty which caused the plug to start leaking. This, in turn, caused the engine to start to overheat. Luckily the customer spotted the gauge moving and stopped. He then checked his levels and poured water in, which immediately came out.

The car, a Fiesta, arrived via the recovery services. We keep a selection of core plugs on the shelf and in this case, access was easy. In a short while, the old plug was out and the new one was in. Luckily for the customer, with new antifreeze in the car the cooling system was fine.

I recommend checking not only the levels but the state of them as well. Coolant should be a nice colour and look clean, if it is rusty or black get somebody to look at it.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!