Dash board removal

Dash board removal – Always a pleasure!

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Sometimes you regret diagnosing a fault and then agreeing to repair the vehicle! I have a saying, “no job is difficult, some just take longer than others.” This is a perfect example. The vehicle came in with a coolant leak, and we traced the fault to a leaking heater matrix. So far no problem, we ordered the part and then removed the dash to get at the broken unit. Once we were committed there was no turning back. It was then we found that someone had “badly repaired” the piping, and further work would be required.

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, we also believe that it is not the problem that is the problem, it is how it is solved that is the problem. We would never have repaired this vehicle the way it had been repaired. Our problem was that we needed two heater pipes. Somebody else had cut and badly bodged the pipes into the heater matrix and so we had to completely remove the heater box to fit the new pipes and the new matrix. This would take an extra four to five hours. This of course meant that our original quote had to change.

I explained to the customer the problem and compromised on the extra charge. Our customer was very pleased with us, and even more pleased to get the vehicle with a heater system that was now working.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!