How to change a radiator fan

Exactly what do you need to do to change a radiator fan?

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A customer’s vehicle was delivered to us as the radiator fan did not work, and the vehicle had over heated in traffic. After checking the system, the fan was confirmed as not working.

Normally this repair is about an hours labour and a new electric fan. Unfortunately a new fan for this vehicle was quoted in at nearly £300.00!

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we always try to save the customer money so we sourced a good used fan from the internet. When this arrived we simply tested it and then started fitting it – we even had to empty the air conditioning system before we could fit the new fan.

A simple job, but without an air conditioning machine and the correct training, you would now be technically breaking the law if you do not have the correct RG134a certification.

All this to change a fan?? Only Rover could dream it up!

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!