Leave your car at your own risk

Leave your car at your own risk

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I was recently in a small body shop trying to get a quote for one of my customers, who needed a wing painting, when I saw this.

If one of my technicians ever put a customer’s car like this, they would be ex-technicians. At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we treat our customer’s cars like we would treat our own. I would never leave my car on bricks, so why would I put yours on bricks!?

The spray shop owner gave a reasonable quote for the body work, but I advised my customer to wait until our regular body shop could do the job. I firmly believe that the spray job would probably have been a good job, but what if he had to remove a wheel and the brick failed? We use axle stands that are tested regularly.

My advice: if you are taking your vehicle to be repaired, have a look at the garage to see if they look professional; ask if they have the right tools and more importantly the correct qualifications. If they have not – leave the car at your own risk!

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!