Never pay in advance!

Never pay in advance!

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Some years ago a friend of mine bought an old MK1 Escort. The idea was to restore the vehicle and then use it as a day – day vehicle. After the initial “burst” he removed the engine, gearbox, and all the brakes, and he needed some welding done and the car painted in his chosen colour.

He managed to get a very reasonable quote to prepare and paint. The snag: the person doing all the work required paying “up front”.

I tried to explain that this was not a good move – never pay “all up front”. His opinion was that the work will be done, after all he had paid!

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic Ltd. we never ask for payment up front – if you take payment ahead of the job, where is the incentive to finish? There are also too many variants – what if more work and more parts are needed?

We do, after engine removal for reconditioning, explain that we will require payment for the engine when we have got the full price – when the engine is on its way back to us, but never in advance!

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!