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Just one of those things

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In these austere times customers ask for quotes and rightly expect the repairing garage to adhere to these. At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, we try very hard to work within these guidelines. Sometimes though we cannot.

In this instance we diagnosed the problem correctly – the clutch was slipping. We quoted correctly for the work, and promptly removed the gearbox to replace the clutch. Whilst doing this we noticed that one of the gearbox mountings was in a very poor state. In fact it had broken completely! If left this would cause a “judder”.

This repair would add an hours labour to the job, and the cost of the mounting. We contacted the customer who was very philosophical about it and authorised the extra work.

When he came to pick up the vehicle he noticed that there was not any extra labour. I explained that we try to help our customers and sometimes it is, “just one of those things”.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!