October 2014 – Murphy’s Law

October 2014 – Murphy’s Law

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic recently had a call from a customer, who’s “new to him ” car was now out of warranty. The car, a Ford Focus had a misfire, and a main dealer had renewed the leads, plugs and coil pack, but now the misfire was back. He also mentioned that he had a coolant leak.

Over the phone I said that it was probably a core plug leaking, and this would also cause the misfire. Two of the core plugs are right next to the spark plugs, on this particular engine.

We had to recover the car, and when it arrived we noticed that there were broken bolts, that held the rocker cover down. This also, could cause his misfire. Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic have a policy of informing the customer about potential problems before we start the repair process. 

The customer came to the garage to see what we meant. He also produced invoices from the main dealer, the car had also had a new throttle body, nearly £500 worth, but that was under warranty! The customer explained, that a week after the coil pack etc were renewed the vehicle developed a misfire again, and that was why they fitted a new throttle body. They cleared the faults and then sent the customer away, the fault then did not reappear until the car was out of warranty! 

I call this “Murphy’s Law”.

Everyone makes mistakes! The fault with the vehicle all along in my opinion, was a rusty core plug!

In this instance, the broken rocker cover bolts, were not the cause of the misfire, it was the rusty core plug. The dealer made, what I considered  a fair contribution to this repair, and the customer was very pleased.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen.