Reasonable and safe

Reasonable and safe

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When a vehicle is presented for an MOT, the customer is generally worried about the whole situation, especially in these austere times. At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we try to remove this worry for the customer. When the vehicle fails we will price the repair and talk in depth to them.

This old Shogun had holes under the vehicle on one side and the other side looked bad. I suggested before we quoted for the work that we “attack” the rust first to ascertain just how bad it actually is. My customer agreed and this rust was on the side that did not fail. Even though it was there the tester could not see it, it was covered with under seal!

My argument is: “that it is better to maintain the vehicle properly, otherwise next year you pay all over again”. Whilst we have the equipment set up the actual extra work was not excessive. Our quote was actually reasonable and fair and instantly agreed. The customer preferred to be safe, as he used the vehicle every day.

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!