You cannot please everyone

You cannot please everyone

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Some customers are very cynical about garages diagnosing faults and fitting what they perceive as expensive “bits”. At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we actually test the part (where possible) before removal and we do not guess! 

This customer’s car would run and then cut out, and the problem was getting worse. He was convinced that it was a fuel issue and when we checked the vehicle we could not fault the fuel delivery system – the pump and relay worked surprisingly, which was confirmed by the diagnostic computer (the engine was running at this point.) Unfortunately, the computer stated there were no faults present, but as the vehicle ran this was not a shock.

We suspected the crank sensor, and when we tested the sensor at the plug, the readings were low. We renewed the crank sensor. When the customer collected the car his thought was, “this was a case of a “professional garage” guessing the problem”.

We contacted the customer a week after the repair to check that all was well (remember that he had been breaking down regularly for a while, and the problem was actually getting worse.) He reluctantly agreed that perhaps we had just got lucky. I always say you cannot please everybody!

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!