02/04/2013: Untrained or incompetent technician

Untrained or incompetent technician

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2nd April 2013

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, as some of my readers know, supports a school group in The Gambia, and we have recently acquired a Mobile Library to take to Gambia for all of Gambia to benefit from. We had a shortage of space, and had been looking for somewhere to park it until we could prepare it for the trip to The Gambia. LMS Travel offered to let us park it in their yard.

When I took the Library Bus to LMS’s yard back in February, as I was parking it up, I lost all drive! The prop-shaft was spinning, but no drive at the rear wheels. I thought, half-shaft probably or maybe differential.

Not really what you want to happen, but better here than on the way to The Gambia!

I finally had the time to sort the bus and went to LMS’ yard to check the van!

When looking underneath, deciding which side to check first, I noticed that the nearside rear hub had moved away from the back plate – I suspected the wheel bearing.

Upon stripping it down, it was simply a case of the “lock-nut” not being secured properly the last time it was maintained. This was probably down to some untrained or incompetent technician. It was a simple case of rebuilding and fitting together properly. This Bus will be going to The Gambia in January 2014. We will be thoroughly preparing this Bus before we go!

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!