15/05/2013: Where are we going to put them?

Where are we going to put them?

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15th May 2013

Where are we going to put them? All of the books collected yesterday need to be put somewhere. But where? They need packing properly and “sorting” . In The Gambia, they are a needed asset, and if we can get just the books there, they will be much used and valued.

If we can raise the money with the planned golf day at Wharton Park in September to send the Library van, they will be fantastic for taking the books where no books have gone before!

After work Sue and I put them in a vehicle donated by Clover Conservatories of Ledbury, which will be going in the container as soon as we have enough funds to send it! (£2600)

This will be a temporary home and hopefuly weather permitting we will re-sort at the weekend.

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!