EGR valve – why £555!?

EGR valve – why £555!?

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Modern vehicles are now quite complex and most (if not all) have all sorts of sensors and valves. Most are all about the same price and you get used to quoting for the new part.

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we use the diagnostic computer as a guide and then investigate properly, so when the computer stated EGR valve as a problem we checked the wiring and all the fittings.

Being a relatively easy removal on this particular vehicle we removed the valve. Having removed many of these we expected to see the valve in a very poor state, but in this instance it was very clean. In the past we have successfully cleaned and refitted.

We then checked the price: only available form the main dealer (Honda) and a very reasonable £555.00 plus VAT! Was it any different to Vauxhall units? In my humble opinion, they are all much the same. What makes it different? I have no idea. When fitted did it make a difference? Yes –  the car now drove perfectly.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!