Exhaust stud

Exhaust stud – Gasket blow causing MOT failure

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This customer had a vehicle that had failed the MOT for excessive emissions but more to the point, the exhaust manifold was where the problem was. One of the studs was broken, causing the emissions to be too high. The quote they had been given was very high.

This was because the job of removing the manifold would take a few hours, plus the manifold would be expensive. I agreed to have a look with no promises made. I saw that I could use our stud extractor and remove the stud, which we did very quickly. Then we used a correct sized bolt and tightened the manifold down pipe. With this done, the vehicle passed the MOT. The customer was very pleased with the bill. When you are taking your car for repair, make sure the people repairing it have the right tools.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!