Exhausted – Close but not correct

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As mentioned previously, I attend a great networking meeting each week at BNI Warriors in Worcester. Recently, one of my fellow member’s wife managed to reverse her really nice jeep over a bollard, and broke off the fuel additive tank by the rear silencer.

The couple bought the car in and left it with us, expecting a large bill for a new tank and a couple of days without the vehicle! But at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, we take a different view of certain jobs, and in this case, renewal was not considered. The tank would of cost a fair amount of money, and it would have been unlikely that we could get one same day. Another consideration was that it would probably have taken longer to renew the tank than it took to repair the bracket.

There was also enough plastic edging remaining to allow us to manufacture the bracket and re-secure the tank safely in position.

I called my BNI friend to say that the car was ready and they were pleasantly surprised at how quick the repair took, and even more surprised at the price!

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!