Pressure wash exhaust

Pressure wash exhaust

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Recently we had a customer drive a vehicle into us, complaining about a strange noise and a little bit of smoke through the exhaust.

Both the above statements were under-statements. I would not have driven the vehicle because of the noise and smoke, but mainly because I know that a faulty Turbo can destroy an engine!

When we removed the old turbo unit it was as per the picture! Replacing the old unit with a “good used” turbo solved some of the problems, the engine now ran without an awful rattle and screech.

But… we had a small problem. The exhaust was full of oil, and the vehicle still smoked. The customer could not afford a complete new exhaust, especially as he needed a new particulate filter as well!

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we try to help our customers. The only solution was to remove the exhaust and pressure wash it out. This got most of the old oil out, and the vehicle then ran and smoked for ten minutes – eventually the engine will “blow” all the old oil out of the exhaust.

Not a perfect solution, but better than just leaving the oil in the exhaust pipe!

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!