Rattle and roll!

Rattle and roll!

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A customer called in afraid to drive her car – the noise was deafening, especially over bumps. She was worried about the repair costs, and also worried about the car! Unfortunately all the ramps were busy, so I suggested she sat in the rest area for a short while whilst we investigated. Asking what could be the cause, I explained it could be suspension related, a mount broken or any one of a dozen things. I would have a look and we would report then.

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we always like to check the vehicle over before we give an opinion as to the problem. In a very short period of time, we had the vehicle on a lift and soon found the cause of the noise. It was clearly a broken exhaust mounting. Now we could fix the rattle and the roll would now be quiet!

Once this was fitted the customer was back on road in a quiet vehicle. Total expenditure = £31.25 inclusive of VAT. This was half an hours labour, a new mount and VAT. The customer was pleasantly surprised that we could fix the car at short notice and with a minimum of fuss.

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!