Sometimes we suffer

Sometimes we suffer to fix customers’ cars!

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One of our regular customers has a small fleet of vans, and one of his vehicles is far to big for us to have recovered – it is an Iveco Daily Tipper. He called last week to report it was “excessively smokey” and oil was pouring out of the exhaust. The van was un-drivable and I could not tow it!

We went to the customer to confirm the diagnosis and then proceeded to find a new turbo. The customer beat us to it and within 24 hours, he had a new turbo. My technician and I drove to his site when the weather was a mere -5 degrees below freezing, and spent a brief three hours fitting the turbo. We then had to remove the exhaust and steam clean it out, and then refit.

We were, at the end of the job, cold to say the least, but at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic a little discomfort to keep a customer on the road is a small price to pay.

Remember…¬†A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!