Better to be safe than sorry

Better to be safe than sorry

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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we are LPG approved installers and inspectors. Due to this we inspect other garages’ LPG installations, and get called upon to rectify problems. These “problems” are normally down to the fit of the system, poor programming or a fault with the petrol side. This customer wanted to know why it took so long to fill with LPG, and he also needed to register the vehicle for insurance purposes.

I am now never shocked when my technician comes into the office and says, “you had better come and see this!”

The pipe had a European type filler and not the bayonet type that should be fitted, and more importantly, the pipe is badly “kinked” and it was also insecure. Here alone are three failure points – two are “dangerous” faults, imagine how the rest of the system was!

I am aware of how much approved installers charge: fitting an LPG system is more money than untrained technicians. However, in this instance, with our inspection charge and then the charge to rectify the poor installation the customer had had done, had he really saved any money? The system was clearly dangerous and was an accident waiting to happen.

In this case, with a correctly fitted fill pipe the system filled much quicker! According to the customer it was, “better to be safe than sorry!”

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!