Other garage’s mistake gives us work

Other garage’s mistake gives us work!

Leaking LPG
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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we are LPG approved, and as such we get a lot of work from people who have had an LPG system fitted badly. The picture on the left with the frosting is the LPG leaking from the valve. This car, a mini, came in with a bad leak from the filler nozzle. If this had been fitted correctly there would not have been a problem.

On an LPG system the filler is a very important part of the installation, and if fitted badly, dirt can can which will get into the filling mechanism and as in this case, will cause it to leak. From the beginning this installation was dangerous and this was just one of many faults with the system!

It was clear this filler had been fitted like this when the system was fitted. It was blatantly a poor installation and the customer had never had a cap fitted. Unfortunately it was a three hour job to fit the filler properly (see the second picture).

But which would you prefer?

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!