Understanding works both ways

Understanding works both ways

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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we try very hard to adhere to a professional garage program that tells you how long a job should take.

For this vehicle, a Renault scenic, the time to renew a gearbox was 4.2 hours. Having changed a few clutches on this model, we thought this was a reasonable time, until we hit a few problems!

With the gearbox ready to be removed we did not have enough room! We thought, and then decided to lower the frame – this is normally easy to do as the bolts are all accessible, unfortunately one snapped! This meant we had to “cut into” the chassis and refit a new nut! Then we had to re-weld the chassis and protect it with under seal.

Luckily for us the customer was very understanding and we being equally understanding did not charge the full amount of hours it actually took. Understanding works both ways at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic!

Once all this was done the vehicle was back on the road, in time for the customer to collect as agreed!

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!