Who needs a computer?

Who needs a computer?

The tool ready for use
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Recently we had a vehicle in that was apparently not running well on LPG and would intermittently stall at low revs. Incredibly, people expect a computer to always be right but with motor vehicles, sometimes experience is better than a computer. The customer explained the symptoms over the phone and arranged to drive a considerable distance for us to correct the vehicle faults. I explained that the problem was with the petrol side of the system and not the LPG. I suggested that he allow a garage close to his house to check the petrol side of the system. However, he insisted that the vehicle had been diagnosed and there were no faults in the ECU. We arranged for him to bring the vehicle to us.

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we are LPG approved installers and as such, have a lot of experience and the necessary training with LPG vehicles. We also have the correct tools and diagnostic equipment to correctly diagnose faults. After connecting the LPG diagnostic computer (just to confirm there were no faults) we tested the ignition leads.

This first picture shows the tools ready for use. The tool is very easy to use and many years ago, it was an inexpensive tool for checking ignition systems. Basically, a red pulsating light shows the lead is in good condition, green indicates that the lead is breaking down.

The difference with petrol and LPG is the cetane rating – LPG has different burn properties to petrol and in essence, it does not ignite at the same rate and on petrol the engine will appear to run perfectly. We contacted the customer and he reluctantly agreed to allow us to fit a set of leads.

He then also confirmed that even on petrol, the vehicle had a lack of power up hills. That evening the customer took the vehicle on his long drive home. I know he is pleased with the vehicle as he texted to say thank you – he can now accelerate up hills and the vehicle responds as it should.

Remember… A badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!