Why didn’t the locking wheel nut key work?

Why didn’t the locking wheel nut key work?

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I am amazed that people never check their locking wheel nuts, and always take a garage at their word. This customer had the tyres changed recently and when the vehicle came to us – as they were told the front pads were low – we struggled to undo the wheel bolts!

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we do not use an “air-gun” on “full torque” to refit wheel nuts! This is unlike the establishment that supplied and fitted these wheels last!

Unfortunately, when using a breaker bar the locking wheel nut key disintegrated. This then caused massive problems. We have removed many locking wheel nuts where the key has been lost, but this was another case of poor quality workman causing loads more work! After struggling for a long time, we finally managed to remove the lock nuts.

I know which garage caused this and am amazed they get away with things like this.

Remember… a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen!