Warning light spells danger

Warning light spells danger


Recently we had a vehicle in for a routine service and the customer openly admitted it was only coming in as the oil warning light flickered on and he was treating it to an MoT and service!

I was shocked to hear that he had not had the vehicle serviced for a couple of years and explained that perhaps we may have to do other work. I told him that Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic always gets authority for extra work and the customer went on his way. After completing the service, surprisingly the oil light still “flickered”. I called the customer and suggested we remove the sump and check the scavenge filter located in the sump.

The customer suggested it would be alright as it now had new oil in the engine but I advised him that it is cheaper for us to remove the sump and make sure all is as it should be, rather than eventually renew the engine. He agreed and we proceeded to remove the engine sump and inspect the situation.

After removing the sump we were amazed that the engine was as quiet as it was. The sump and scavenge filter were in a very poor condition, the sump was full of sludge and the scavenge filer was over 70 per cent blocked.

All in all, it added three hours labour to the job. From experience we know that the engine would have suddenly suffered oil starvation and died very quickly. This remedial work prevented an expensive repair, or more likely the vehicle would have been deemed two expensive to repair.

Don’t take a chance with your vehicle. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic. 

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen.