Battery bother

Battery bother


Sometimes even professional recovery services make mistakes and this customer felt let down by them.

They had bought their daughter a little car and were out driving with her when the car cut out and would not start. The breakdown company was called and diagnosed the pump in the tank to be faulty.

Luckily they were not far from home so they left the car by the side of the road and walked home. The daughter was very upset as she was learning to drive and had now lost faith in the car. I know her parents well and they called on the Monday morning for us to recover the vehicle, confirm the fault and fix the car.

We duly sent our recovery truck out to collect the vehicle and when the car arrived atWorcester’s Mobile Mechanic, my recovery driver changed the battery. He then asked me why we had not gone to the house and fitted a new battery at the side of the road instead of recovering the vehicle to the garage.

I was surprised the vehicle ran and after a diagnostic check could confirm the only fault was the vehicle battery. The customer was very pleased with the end result – but annoyed with the rescue company.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen.