Gearbox gremlins

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Sometimes some jobs snowball all on their own and this was one such job.

The vehicle, a Ford Focus, came in on the back of a breakdown vehicle as the owner had completely lost drive. Upon checking the vehicle, this was confirmed.

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic quoted to replace the clutch but pointed out that we could not check the gear box and this was accepted by the customer.

On starting the job, we drained the gearbox oil and found there was very little oil in the gear box. The customer was immediately notified and said that the car had been noisy for some time.

Upon removing the box, we could not get any drive to the drive shafts. The customer was called again and the box was sent away to our trusted gear box specialist in Kidderminster.

As the gearbox would be away for a week, this gave us time to start checking all the related components. See our Garage in Action feature Flywheel fault for more details.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic