Everyone needs someone to blame


In the garage trade – including here at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic – we often hear the phrase “it was alright until you had it.”

I have a firm belief that everyone needs someone to blame and it is usually the garage!

In this instance, we had serviced the vehicle and, as part of the service, checked the air conditioning. We found the drain was blocked so we unblocked it. With a new pollen filter, the air conditioning was working as it should and the system did not need a refill.

As it was summer, the technician had left the air con on and the customer collected the vehicle. I was contacted shortly after the vehicle had arrived home only to be told: “I have a leak and it was alright until you had it.” The customer sent me a picture of the leak, which is the drain from having the air con on.

The air con was not working very well so he was in the habit of not using it. Now we had fixed the air con and unblocked the drain – and there is a leak.

The customer was very sheepish when told it was our fault as we had fixed a problem and not told him.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Call the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.