Rocketing into our top 10 of most interesting jobs

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At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we get involved in a wide variety of tasks. I went into work as normal at 8.20am on Friday, December 30 to be greeted by a message on our answering machine. The message was: “Very urgent, please contact Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service.”

Just after the message ended, the phone rang and, yes, it was the Fire and Rescue Service. They informed me that an LPG vehicle had been filled up at a garage near Hereford and the LPG tank had started leaking!

Could we assist? As we are fully trained LPG technicians we agreed to leave immediately and see if we could get the vehicle into a safe state.

Upon arrival, the garage was cordoned off, and there was a fully equipped fire engine on standby. We all take our emergency services for granted and they had been at the garage all night.

Working with the fire chief, we soon came up with an acceptable plan and my colleague Kieran and I quickly removed the LPG tank, venting it in a nearby field.

This was an unfortunate rare event but luckily we were working and we always like to help. It was probably in our top ten of interesting jobs!

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the petrol, diesel and LPG experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.