Be careful where you buy your “new” car

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We sometimes sell vehicles at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic – but with certain conditions of course.

The sale car will be inspected, and if it is not a good base car, it will be scrapped or sold to someone who can do whatever they want to with it.

After it passes our inspection, the sale car will have had everything I can think of done pre-sale.

The owner of this vehicle bought it from a “car-lot” in Birmingham. At time of purchase, the car had a slight misfire when running on LPG.

Just over four weeks later, the car came into us for an LPG service and inspection. We immediately spotted the misfire and got authority from the owner to investigate.

A simple chemical test showed a cylinder head type fault. It is my belief that the car had a misfire at time of sale. In this case, the car also had many other issues that were, in my opinion, dangerous.

As an aside, the LPG system was also faulty and in need of expensive repairs.

The moral of the story is: be careful where you buy your new car.