Spot the difference


I can never understand why people ignore faults on their vehicles. I suppose I shouldn’t complain – if they acted quickly we would not have so much work!

This BMW with air suspension on the rear came in as the suspension was “flat”.  At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we always ask the customer some questions to find out useful information and it appeared that this vehicle had been making noises for a while. Sometimes the car went up and at other times it did nothing.

We quickly discovered the air suspension pump was not working so a good used unit was sourced and fitted. Once fitted the suspension worked in a fashion.

I’ll leave you to “spot the difference”! Basically the air bag on one side was split and not inflating.

If the customer had called when the suspension was playing up, a new airbag would have fixed the car as the noise was the compressor struggling to inflate a leaking airbag.

Don’t take a chance with your vehicle. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.