Ticket to confusion

We always keep our customers informed about the progress of their vehicles via SMS, text or a phone call.


On one occasion recently, we had nearly finished a customer’s vehicle so, I texted them at around 4pm on the Tuesday to tell them the vehicle was on road test. The customer collected the vehicle the following day, Wednesday.


Imagine my distress when the owner called me on the Friday to say that a parking ticket had been issued on the vehicle whilst in our care.


I could not think of where the road was where the offence had taken place so I asked the customer to take a picture of the ticket and send it me. I then called the office and said find out where the road was, as I know where our road test route takes the vehicles.


When I arrived back at the garage, I printed the ticket out. It turned out that the parking offence had actually occurred a month before we had the vehicle in an area we do not road test in!




I called the customer back to explain this small, easily made error. The customer was very apologetic and the most important part is this story is that their trust in us was restored.


We keep records of where and when we road test customers vehicles and also try to inform them before we do the road test. All part of the service at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.