The rust busters

We don’t seem to do as much welding work at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic as we did when the business was launched over 20 years ago.


This camper van came in to the workshop as it had failed the MOT test for three or four pieces of welding.


That was before we used an angle grinder on the patches so we explained to the van’s owner that if we were going to do the work, we needed to do all of it or none at all!


On this particular vehicle, the van had failed for three to four holes, but there were another four to five that were advisory.


rust002  rust003  rust001



After giving the owner a competitive quote, we got the job and set to work.


The pile of rust in the photo was from one “hole” that started off three to four inches in diameter.


Shaped to fit, the plate we put on was 23 inches long by five inches wide and we are confident that our repair will last for at least two years.






Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.