Seeing double

One Saturday morning two vehicles arrived at the WMM workshop with the same fault – the cylinder head.


The first – a diesel – had a problem starting. It started and misfired, clouds of smoke flew out of the exhaust then it was really “lumpy” for a minute or two before settling down.


The vehicle was taken to a specialist in Hereford who initially stated that the injector pipes needed cleaning as they were partially blocked.


However, the day after a £300 repair, the vehicle was exactly the same. No surprises there – in more than 30 years of working on diesels I have never seen a high pressure pipe blocked.


The vehicle was returned to the specialist and this time he said the fuel pump seals needed replacing. The customer agreed for the work to be done but £250 later, the problem still hadn’t been resolved.


After doing some online research, the customer went back to the specialist and suggested that the head gasket may have gone.


This theory was poo-pood by the specialist, who stated that he had pressure tested the system and that the vehicle had passed!


Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic did a simple sniff test which confirmed there was a cylinder head fault with the vehicle. The customer got there in the end as we repaired his vehicle but he had incurred unnecessary expense and hassle.

                 snif001                snif002

The second vehicle came in for a service but it had a misfire so we suggested finding out why. Carrying out the same sniff test proved that this little Corsa also had a cylinder head fault.


Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.