Battery breakdown bother

We recently had a call from a regular customer whose car battery had gone flat during a weekend away.


A breakdown company had attended, “tested” the battery and tried to persuade her to have a new battery fitted.


She declined, knowing that we’d have checked the battery at the last service, and insisted on a jump start before driving home.


The following day she brought the vehicle to us to be checked. Upon hearing her story, I asked one of the technicians to check the battery’s state.


Our printout is the small one on the left, which states “Good Pass”. The other on the same battery states replace!


This story is quite concerning as drivers should be able to trust breakdown companies.


You cannot test a flat battery as it will obviously fail. When this happens with our test machine, the result reads – recharge – test again.


The breakdown company would, or should, have been aware of this and they should have followed this procedure – check for parasitic draw, start engine, check charge, leave running for ten minutes at 1,000 – 1,500 rpm, then turn vehicle off and check to see if there is improvement in the battery.


I’m pleased that our customer did not decide to buy a new battery that she didn’t need.


Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.