Buy cheap, buy twice

Motorists will always shop around for a better price but it’s always worth bearing in mind one of my favourite sayings – buy cheap buy twice.


In January this year we quoted to fit an LPG system to this vehicle, which was £220 more than the people who got the job.


The vehicle came in to our workshop as the engine management light was on and this is sometimes caused by the LPG fit.


As LPG approved technicians, we always recommend a service after 1000 miles as the system settles down and you can adjust the system to prevent the light illuminating. We also work from the LPG code 11 book of practice.


We were shocked to see that, in our opinion, the LPG tank had been unsafely mounted. Whoever fitted the system used the spare wheel support, and only one strap, which they then secured to a thin part of the body. This is completely wrong and already the weight of the tank is ripping one of the strap securing bolts out. Because they have used the spare wheel carrier, the tank is swinging slightly. In short, this is a dangerous breakdown waiting to happen.


The LPG feed pipe has been plastic tie clipped to other pipework and not secured properly – front to rear. Another potential hazard.


We were asked to quote for the remedial work to make the system safe. To rub salt into the wound, our quote was far more than the £220 difference.


The customer was advised to take the vehicle back to the original installer. This is what they did and, thankfully, the installer has apparently put things right.


Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.