The chain (timing tool) gang

Some garages will not take on what they perceive to be a difficult job. I’m unsure whether this is because of a lack of knowledge – or confidence. Maybe it’s a bit of both…


At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we will do most jobs. My team think it is to annoy them when actually I do it because I know we can!


A customer called as his Jaguar-engined car was making a strange noise. It wasn’t consistent or particularly loud but he was rightly concerned about it.


We agreed to have a look and diagnosed the timing chain. This job – on this particular engine – is a lot of work which needs special tools.


But, as our technicians are highly trained, it was not a huge problem. We had to buy a chain timing tool, but we believe in the old saying ‘if you are doing the job, do it right’.


Once reassembled, the noise disappeared. The customer then told me two other garages refused to even look at the car!


Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Visit the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.