Bongo horror story

You may wish to pour yourself a stiff drink before reading this blog as it is something of a horror story!


The vehicle concerned is a Mazda Bongo camper van, which cut out on the motorway. The customer managed to get it into the service station and called a breakdown company, who delivered it to the customer’s local garage.


The following morning, the van started but broke down on test drive. The garage diagnosed the fuel pump in the tank but this was after they had been “investigating”.


This Bongo had a Japanese battery fitted and from experience I know that these vehicles will cut out if the battery is not holding charge.


I also know that batteries recuperate so, having left it all night, the van started.


Another important factor at this stage is you cannot check a vehicle’s electrics unless you have a good battery. The garage in question drained the tank completely to change the fuel pump then when the vehicle still did not start they put the old pump back in.


They then took payment for the work they had done and suggested they find someone who can fix it – the customer found Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic. They even delivered the vehicle to us.


When we investigated, we immediately spotted the battery then noticed the fuel tank was reading empty. Checking the tank with the “tap” test, it was discovered that the tank was empty. On calling the customer, she informed me the tank was at least three-quarters full.


We then found a piece of wire by the ECU, which had clearly been used to “check” it. However, the ECU was now not switching the fuel pump on.


A good used ECU was found and fitted and then after putting in two cans of fuel, the van started.


Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.