Car gives Gambian teacher new lease of life

Earlier this year, I took the little car Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic had converted to left hand drive to Tilbury Docks so that the teacher we support can get to work.


The teacher, Mikail Secka, unfortunately lost his leg in an accident and has been unable to operate a vehicle since.


These pictures show the car attached to the pick-up truck ready to be taken to the docks. I safely delivered the car, left it at the docks and am now delighted to report that Mikail’s new car – an automatic – has given him a new found independence.

leg18 leg018

There are very few automatics in The Gambia and none that I know of that would pass a UK MoT test.


This little car was in very good mechanical condition. It was converted to left hand drive and thoroughly checked and tested before being towed to the docks.