When the heat is on, we keep you cool

This hot weather has, in our opinion, been good for the garage industry, especially if the garage are F-gas trained, which is industry shorthand for trained in refrigerant systems.


Technicians can undergo training which requires them to be assessed annually or they can take a more in-depth course and have a certificate for life.

Air con July 2018


Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic technicians are F-gas trained for life. Furthermore, we endeavour to take further refresher training whenever we can.


Nowadays two main gasses are used in motor vehicles. We call R134a the old gas and 1234yf the new gas – only old people like me remember R12!


After buying a trendy new machine to enable the garage to be able to look after vehicles with new gas, I haggled over the price and the supplier of the machine is training two of my staff to enable them to be certified.


More importantly, at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we have all the equipment you need to do the work professionally.


If your air conditioning is faulty, ask your garage of choice whether they have a nitrogen machine, if their staff are trained and find out what kind of guarantee they give.


At our workshop, there is a training poster on the wall for everyone to read as and when the need arises. We also give a full 12 month guarantee to show we have confidence in the service we carry out.


Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Keep cool and come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.