At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic Ltd. we offer a range of other Motor Maintenance services including:

1. Computer diagnostics

We currently have four diagnostic computers at the garage, we’re subscribed to a technical helpline, and we’re in a loose co-operative with other garages who allow us to share their additional diagnostic computers. The result – we can diagnose all makes of vehicles.

2. Emissions

Unlike most garages, at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic Ltd. we have our own MOT test station, allowing us to test your car’s emissions using our DVSA gas analyser, thus your car will be giving the correct MPG.

3. Brakes

The rolling road (as part of our MOT test station) gives us the capability to professionally test your brakes. Once completed, we can service them, perform disc skims and improve performance to the required standard. We are also the only independent garage in the Worcester area (to our knowledge) that has a Procut lathe onsite. This allows us to professionally skim your brake discs – prolonging their life and saving you money on a new pair, and it’s environmentally friendly.

4. Cooling systems

We have all the diagnostic equipment you would expect to find in a professional garage. For example, we can depression fill your cooling system – greatly improving the time taken to bleed the system. We also have the capability to find leaks without running the engine by pressurising the system.

5. Clutches

Whilst we will quote the recommended book time for changing your clutch, it will generally take us at least an hour and half longer as we do not believe in “swinging” the gearbox out of the way by using a large bar and brute force. We will, where necessary, always remove the drive-shafts to ensure we do not do any damage to your gearbox or drive chain.

6. Engines

Should the worst come to the worst, and you require a total engine rebuild, we are in partnership with a professional engine company in Birmingham. This ensures that you will get the best possible price for a fully reconditioned, unlimited mileage, 12 months guaranteed engine. We have been dealing with this company for over 20 years.

7. Radio fitting

One of our technicians has been trained by Mobile Audio, and we have had training on how to correctly fit radios and other electrical items. We, at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanics, always solder and never use Scotchloks.

8. Computer diagnostic check, £35 plus VAT

Our qualified mechanics will put your vehicle on our diagnostic machine to check for any problems. We will immediately let you know about any problems and allow you to decide if you want us to carry out any necessary repairs. Remember, the computer will only point towards a problem and it is not 100% certain that what the computer reports is the fault!

9. MOT testing, £35 VAT free

We now have our own MOT test station at the garage, allowing us to quickly test the vehicle. If there are any problems, we are able to service the car whilst with us, and then re-test it for no extra cost (ensuring it is done within 10 days). Once completed, you can expect to be contacted.

Even though your vehicle has a pass certificate, we may tell you that further work is required. The MOT test pass is “the minimum standard at the time of test.”

10. Batteries

We only fit branded batteries that we would fit on our own vehicle. In these austere times the battery fitted must be reputable and excellent quality. Our batteries are tried and tested and we have not had a faulty battery for 18 months.

11. Air Conditioning

Servicing your air conditioning with us couldn’t be easier. Our nitrogen testing facility enables us to test your air con as per RG134A legislation. We have also attended an RG134A approved course, as per government legislation, allowing us to re-gas and service the system professionally.

Regasing from £45 depending on the size of your air conditioning unit.

12. Tyres

After moving from our Midland Road site we can now fit tyres ourselves. We have experienced professional tyre centres not “torque-ing” the wheel nuts and bolts correctly, and even worse in our opinion, over tightening them and damaging the thread. We know of one tyre centre that will deliberately steel your locking wheel nut key – they actually have a “bucket” full of keys! At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanics your wheel nut key is returned.

13. LPG

With LPG being around 50% cheaper than petrol, high performance, easy to store and a method of reducing your carbon footprint, it is a fantastic alternative to petrol. At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic Ltd. we have trained and LPG approved technicians who regularly fit systems to a wide range of vehicles. LPG systems run on a natural gas which works alongside your petrol system, and can be professionally installed, serviced and maintained by us.

If you would like us to carry out any of the maintenance services above please use our enquiry facility.